Tanka By M. Kei – Vol. 1



breaking the surface
without a sound,
a fish leaping
in the silence
of a spring evening


he rocks and rocks
in the cheap green hammock
the tourists gone,
the simple pleasure of
a wooden ship at anchor


the tomcat’s complaint
so used to freedom
he can’t accept
the leash
and harness


M. Kei is a tall ship sailor and award-winning poet who lives on Maryland’s Eastern shore. He is the editor of Atlas Poetica: A Journal of World Tanka. His most recent collection of poetry is January, A Tanka Diary. He is also the author of the award-winning gay Age of Sail adventure novels, Pirates of the Narrow Seas (blogspot.narrowseas.com). He can be followed on Twitter @kujakupoet, or visit AtlasPoetica.org.


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