‘Today Or Tomorrow’ By Constance Bourg

I think this is possible;
I wish to go for a walk

in the place where I am most myself,
in the landscape that once cradled me.

I wonder if it is missing me
like I miss it. The sense of wandering,

the source of which is lost. What is this place
that made me diverge from myself. Two paths,

two places. Today and tomorrow.
I am folding the horizon

Inception-style, and the trees lose their roots
but gain potential. The canopy fans out

and fingers the bubbles of blue between the clouds.
And they burst, burst with life. And I will walk,

walk until I meet myself again.
Will the trees sit in silent acceptance,

missing their freedom. Or will lichened arms
cradle me and remind me of my strength,

of how I wish to leave this place
that has made me diverge from myself.

If I fold the landscape, perhaps
its is possible, I think.

Loving this poem as much as we are? Take a moment to follow Constance on Instagram @tender.rebellion. Read more here.

Photo By Antonio López


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